Kidding – Part 1

It’s been a while since a post was added to this blog. Life has been marching on. Most weekends have been spent either dodging some pretty horrible weather (wettest winter since the 1940s apparently) or getting stuck into tasks that just had to be done, or as more recently spent constantly fighting against crap happening.

This is intended to be the first in a short series of posts covering some of that crap.

Peanut and Oreo went away on March 22nd for what was to be a dirty 7 weeks with an Anglo Nubian buck, George.


They returned to the Chez Chooks pastures on May 10th and spent the next few months getting rounder and rounder and rounder. By the time they were due to give birth they were both very round and unable to jump up onto the chicken coop to do their usual tap dancing routine, which would have been a great relief to the chickens if they hadn’t been sold a couple of weeks previously.



On Saturday 23rd August I got up just before 7am as usual and went to check on the goats. Oreo was in the goat shed with one boy kid suckling from her and two girl kids on the floor. Unfortunately one was deceased, and the other extremely hypothermic and not moving.

The hypothermic kid was taken inside and placed next to the heat pump to warm up. Later it was taken to the vet for a tube feed, a process we’re now familiar with and can do ourselves next time. We were able to get it warmed up and even drinking from mum. Unfortunately at 3 days old it contracted pneumonia and went downhill very quickly. With much sadness we chose to give it a peaceful end. RIP little nameless kid.

So that leaves Oreo with just one kid, who has since been named Chips (short for Chocolate Chip Shortbread, a favourite cookie of Mr Chez Chook’s granny). Oreo is proving to be a great mother.


Chips and mum are doing well, though that wasn’t to be the end of our troubles. More in the next installment.

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