Kidding – Part 2

The last post left off with Oreo having kidded triplets, only one of which survived, and Peanut left to kid.

Peanut went into labour in the early hours of 26th August. It pretty quickly became apparent that birthing wasn’t going right. Kid’s nose appeared without any legs, which is not a standard presentation. Cue a 2am vet callout. The vet arrived within 20 minutes and proceded to examine Peanut. He was able to discern that she had twins and that they were pretty tangled. It took a good 10 minutes for him to sort out one kid from the other and deliver them, by which time they were both dead. Peanut was given antibiotics (standard after this sort of thing) and an energy boost.

The next afternoon she was showing signs of septicaemia. Another vet call out, but by this time she was rapidly going downhill and it was too late to save her.

RIP Peanut, you are missed.

Peanut is now buried in our orchard, with her kids, beneath a new avocado tree.

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