Another Year, Another Post

Christmas has rolled around and disappeared into the distance since I last wrote an entry here. New Year was soon on its heels and it, too, has vanished without a trace.

One the Christmas gifts we received was the fencing of the bottom paddock with chicken wire so that the geese could be installed in there to aid in grass control. The geese moved in last week. Thank you for your time (lots of time!) and effort – you know who you are!

The goats also received a Christmas gift. In the days after Christmas Mr Chez Chook dug a trench under our nicely manicured lawn (or as nicely manicured as any lawn looked after by me can look, especially after a visit from next door’s cows) and crawled around under the house to install the lead out wire for a mains powered energizer for the electric fence. In the day or two after flicking the on switch the goats took it in turns to discover that the electric fence now a) worked and b) had some kick. Merry Crispmas goats!

I received an awesome present of a lego chair, which was later converted into a real office chair. Super!

We’ve had a bumper broody season. The incubator has been running non-stop since November providing backup services to sitting ducks and uncommitted chickens. Chick mountain is covered in turkeys, ducklings and chicks. The geese produced 12 goslings, managing to raise 8 to teenagehood.




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