Project Motzle 2nd Gen

Project Motzle has been simmering along for two years now. This year’s breeding didn’t go quite to plan, thanks to an abundance of other broody hens and quacky ducks. However, we did manage to get a limited number of second generation chicks hatched from our 1st gen rooster (Babybrush) and our 1st gen hens (plus one extremely flighty and broody Ancona).

From these we’ve ended up with two smooth feathered 2nd gen mottled pullets, 3 frizzled 2nd gen pullets and 3 frizzled 2nd gen cockerels. Unfortunately while we did hatch out some initially promising blue chicks, none of those were mottled. We will try again next year with the blue mottle carrier hen and one of the 2nd gen Motzle roosters.

We will be keeping the two smooth feathered pullets and two of the cockerels (one as insurance vs death of the other), plus one of the frizzled pullets so that we can compare her with next years’ offspring.

I will be getting some coloured leg bands shortly that we can use to identify the year of hatch of each of these pullets and cockerels, which I think will make life much easier a couple of years down the line when we potentially have a paddock with mixed age groups in it.

This is one of the keeper pullet options, she’s nicely mottled and also has mottled feet.


This pullet has some extra white markings around the neck feathers, which we can probably attribute to the columbian gene from the buff sussex grandmother.


One of the cockerels. We’re waiting for these to reach full size before making any decisions on which to call our primary rooster and which the backup (and sadly for the cockerel, which gets to be called dinner).


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