Of Roosters (and Chicks)

Ever wondered why a rooster is called a rooster? (As opposed to an annoyance, or an alarm clock, or some wonderfully unprintable name…)

Well here at Chez.Chooks we may just have the answer to that question. But first, we also have some absolutely gorgeous chicks.


These chicks hatched on Christmas Day. Half in our trusty little incubator, and half under a broody hen that had disappeared into the undergrowth and showed up mid Christmas Day with them in tow. Very convenient, because it allowed us to skip the hand-raising phase of incubator hatched chicks by grafting them on to her. That night she went to sleep with 8 chicks and woke up with 17!

She’s a first time mum and doing an absolutely fabulous job of it.

A couple of weeks ago we moved her into the more spacious accommodations of our large walk-in chicken run, a place she currently has to share with the one hen we own that ignores our fences, plus one rooster. This rooster turns out to be an exceptionally good father (for a rooster…), even to babies that are not genetically his.

We’ve been letting them all free range during the day, and locking them back up at night. A couple of nights ago we went out to check on them and snapped this:


He makes a great roost for the chicks – and there you have it – why roosters are called roosters. 😀

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