Chez Chien

So I’m told there haven’t been enough updates on this blog. Specifically canine related updates. I hate to keep my readers (all two of you) disappointed, so here we are.

We have a dog. A puppy. Who is now 5 months old.

He wasn’t always this old. We first met him when he was just six weeks old.

He came home to us at 9 weeks, via a long car journey from Napier to Whangarei.  This picture was taken with his mum just before he realised what he was in for.

Since then we’ve got to know his many facets. Including “Angry Dog”:

“Zonked Dog”:

“Burger Lover”:

“Vain Dog” – Is this my best side?

Crazy Maniac Dog:

“Beach Bum Dog”:

“Bath Time Dog”:

“Fly Hunter Extraordinaire”:

“Sun Worshiper”:

“Leaky Dog”:

“Can We Quit Training Now?”:

We’ve also had no shortage of “helpers” wanting to take him for a walk:

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