Our Chooks

We believe that our chickens are happy chickens.

Our adult chooks are housed in groups, each with their own orchard and coop for protection from the elements. They have ad-lib access to good quality chicken food, as well as clean drinking water.

Chicks under approximately six weeks are penned for their own protection from predators and toxic plants. Birds currently for sale are usually housed in a large walk-in chicken run where they can perch, run, jump, stretch their wings, dust bathe and peck to their heart’s content.

We use both broody hens and brooders to raise chicks. We have several excellent and very calm broodies that produce friendly babies. Chicks raised in a brooder will spend the first two to three weeks indoors with a 24/7 heat source and around eight hours of human company per day. After that, weather and feather development permitting, they are housed outdoors in a pen.

More information on some of our chooks can be found on the bird’s individual page, accessible from the top menu bar, under “Our Chooks”.