About Us

We are two humans living on two hectares (five acres) in a place called Ngararatunua, which is just outside Whangarei. Before that we lived on a quarter acre in the Waitakeres, west of Auckland.

This whole adventure started out after we tasted fresh free range eggs (still warm from the chicken). They were fabulous. We then became disillusioned with the supermarket offerings and after much procrastination got our own chickens. We started out with three.

Somewhere along the way the three became eighteen. And the quarter acre became five acres. Don’t ask how that happened… We’re still waiting to wake up from a rather pleasant dream.

As well as the chooks, we also have 3 and a half* cats who are enjoying watching the new chicken TV channel showing in their back yard**.

[*] The half is a (neutered) feral cat that shows up to the back door every meal time for a meal and is quite insistent on being fed. Everyone says that you can’t successfully move a feral cat, but we achieved it.

[**] It’s a watch-only chicken channel.  From a safe distance. The cats really aren’t sure about a chicken staring them straight in the eyes, much less a brown shaver beak-butting them.